Play rhythm game with "dancing" Binghe!

V1 released - easy mode with all clothes on.

Future plans:

V2 (hard mode) - will add topless stripping feature. My plan is to make his tiddies bounce hard! XD


Game made by Melimeli

Music made by Rinzai Gigen

Character (Luo Binghe) from Scum Villain Self-Saving System by MXTX

Development log


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I love it cant wait till hard mode comes out!


its pretty fun XD and binghe is so cute~

Thanks for playing! :D


This is very fun! I definitely wasn't expecting a rhythm game in this jam.


Aww thanks :D :D Glad you enjoyed it!


It's fun and not that easy! Looking forward to the hard mode XD


<3 aww thank you!