Heaven’s will is unpredictable—when his Shidi was charged with the murder of his fellow sect members, Zhou Linqi is faced with the biggest trial of his life. 

Who is lying and who is telling the truth? 

An obscure note and a mysterious voice that Zhou Linqi heard before losing his memories... Is it possible that they are connected to the case?

Don’t forget to save or you have to start from the beginning! 

Don’t forget to save or you have to start from the beginning! 

Don’t forget to save or you have to start from the beginning!

—Important things have to be said thrice, so now have fun!

Mini Glossary:

Disciples in the same sect are called (martial) brothers and sisters. 

In martial sects and similar organizations, younger disciples often directly apprentice themselves to an elder. The relationship between Master and Apprentice is deep, akin to Parent-and-Child… and the terms of address within a sect reflect this.

Da Shixiong - Eldest senior brother

Shidi - Junior martial brother

Shifu/Shizun - Master

Shishu - Martial Uncle

Final/closing disciple - the last disciple a master will ever accept in his life

Read more under: https://immortalmountain.wordpress.com/glossary/terms-of-address/

Made by Melimeli, Tia, Jas/grump, and Katie for #nanoreno2020 in 10 days! Please be gentle


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This was awesome! Super well written, the story is engaging and the ending is sweet. Are you working on more projects? Where can we follow you to keep updated?


Aww, thanks for the compliment!
Right now I'm preparing for my first commercial yaoi game, but they're all still in pre-production, so I can't really say anything now :(

The twitter page for my indie game studio is still empty...
If you want, I can message you when we have something up for show! :D

Interesting! I'll take you up on that offer, thanks <3

it was fun thanks~

Thanks for playing!


oh wow!! These sprites are absolutely stunning!! I only have a Mac I wish I could play. 

:D You can play on your browser! :D


hmm weird.. when i hit run game, i get a black square.. and that’s it! i’m on chrome/windows

Ahh maybe the loading wasn't complete? Could you reload :D


waited before, after, during reload.. minutes.. nothing TT - on 2 different browsers, old FF and new chrome. nope, nada, nuttin. can this be downloaded somewhere?

Ah... I'm sorry about that, I'll see if I can make a desktop downloadable version!


would be very appreciated ^^ but no pressure, only if you feel like it

You can download the game on windows now! :D


Are u Chinese XD good to see xianxia settings in Western games :D


were you perhaps inspired by the untamed? ;)

We were inspired by another novel by the same author, Scum Villain :D

Deleted 140 days ago
(1 edit) (+1)

yeah is there more to your Call to Slumber Game Melimeli

Oh sorry that game is still in development, probably still weeks away from having a demo.

I posted it up for public because I want to post a public devlog, if I put it for restricted access nobody else can see it :(


This was great! Good writing, thrilling story, and attractive characters sprites. Plus it's so rare to find this setting in a VN... 

Looking forward to your future projects!

Aww thanks :D Hopefully I can make game faster!

(1 edit) (+1)

This was very interesting and fun. I'd like to see you develop a longer game with the characters and the sect. One thing confused me though, the opening and closing. It feels like something nefarious that wasn't uncovered, but I'm not sure that's how I'm supposed to read that.


It's supposed to hint towards the loop being intentional.

Thanks for playing the game :D


I definitely got that's it was intentional, what I wasn't sure of was if this was a reincarnation story. ;)


That was really fun! Didn't find the culprit at first but got it on the second try lol 

I'm glad you like the game! Thank you for playing :D


Wow this game was awesome! I can't believe I got it right first try as I was nervous of wrongful accusation. But the mystery is fun to solve. Thanks for the cool game!

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :D


This game was SO good! I got it right first go! :) Thanks x

Aww! Thanks for playing!


It's no problem! You did a great job on the plot and the characters :)


This was a lot of fun! I got a game over the first time, but managed to find the culprit the second go about!

The mystery was well thought out and I liked being able to talk to the other characters and compare their stories. 

And the fact that you made this in 10 days is so incredible??? Yo. 

Thank you so much for making this game!!

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you like the game!

Thanks to other team members we could quickly cook up the game :D